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Face Painting and Hygiene

Photo by Aaron Rivera

Face Painting and Hygiene

Since Cornavirus hit Hong Kong many have raised awareness of personal hygiene so I recon this is a good opportunity to emphasize why, as a professional face painter, it is important that your safety is on our top priority.

Instead of just painting beautiful designs, here is what we do and have been doing even before the virus hit to meet our strict hygiene standards:

One sponge per child policy - A fresh sponge is used for each child which will not be reused on another child’s face during the booking. These sponges will then be put in a separate container to be sterilized with high heat after each booking.

Paint brushes are disinfected before AND after painting each child - We use a special cleaning agent in our water cup to keep it as clean as possible and rinsed twice thoroughly with fresh water per child. Each paint brush and its handle is then sprayed and wiped with disinfectant solution and wipes before it is used on each child’s face.

Stencils - They are sterilized after each use.

Frequent and thorough hand washing - We wash our hands before leaving our home, when we arrive at the booking venue, wash hands again before setting up our face painting station, another wash after setting up the station in addition to sterilizing our hands before AND after painting each child.

Skin conditions - We do not paint anyone with open sores, rashes, infections on their face or anyone who appears to have a cold.

Deep cleaning our kit - After each booking, we sterilize everything our kit thoroughly before the next booking, it is a time consuming process but an important one that we never miss, we leave enough time in between bookings to complete the task. I hope this information covers your concerns when deciding whether to use a face painter or which artist to use for your upcoming events, also the importance of hiring a professional face painting artist for your parties. Do feel free to drop us a line if you have more questions on this topic, we are always happy to help! On a last note I do wish you all great health and take good care.    If you find this article helpful you might want to have a look at other articles on our blog or check out Tips on Finding the Perfect Face Painter for Your Events. Follow us on social media:



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