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Abigail believes that creating a memorable experience for children and clients is just as important as creating beautiful pieces. She entertains the children while they are being painted, it is about being an entertainer as well. There is always endless possibilities with a human canvas, each piece is created with all her heart. With excellent customer service and being fluent in over four languages she aims to create an amazing face and body painting experience with you and your little ones. 

To challenge herself she participated in both Face and Body Art Competition by Hohkeyal, the Face Awards HK by the NYX Professional Makeup HK and the Urban Decay Halloween Contest and have taken home some awards from all three. 

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Executive Suites 2017, 2018, 2019

For third year in a roll Abigail and her team is painting at the Rugby Sevens executive suites with an increasing number of boxes every year! This is the time of the year where some created some of her best and quickest designs are created, what an exciting event! By combing the best of face painting and glitter designs, great varieties are created for both adults and kids. The team is excited to continue serving their clients with the best face painting in town for 2020! More face painting images from the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens  please visit our gallery.

Face Painting - Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2019 at Hong Kong Stadium

rugby 2019 6 copy.jpg

Face Painting - Hong Kong Rugby Sevens  at Hong Kong Stadium

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face painter  Hong kong face painter hong kong face paint  hk facepaint hk face painter hong kong parties  hong kong event face  painting

Happy painted faces at Hong Kong Rugby Sevens

Their first ever face paint :-)

2010 - present
2010 - present

Abigail and Face Painting Team at Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Welsh National Opera  at Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Abigail and her face painters team painted for the Welsh National Opera's first event in Hong Kong this year. It was a delightful experience painting alongside with beautiful live music at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Popular face painting design at Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Happy face at Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Briefing before live demonstration.

Face Painting Workshops at Hong Kong Disneyland

in 2018 and 2019 Abigail was invited by the Hong Kong Disneyland to run internal face painting workshops, covering hands on experience with face paint and live demonstration of various techniques. 

Live demonstration of sponge technique at Hong Kong Disneyland

disney13 copy.jpg
disney11 copy.jpg
disney12 copy.jpg

Body Painting for Product Launch

Body painting and makeup done for commercial productions.

make up and body paint.

Timelapse video of Mr. Doodle project with the Mira Place HK
Special thanks to 1000 FUN HK

Body painting Mr. Doodle's doodles with the Mira Place HK

Abigail took another challenge  - doodling the famous UK doodle artist Mr. Doodle's doodles on a human canvas for the Mira Place HK

Mira Place and  Mr. Doodle
Bodypaint by Abigail
Photos by Rayman
Model Xavier Callicott


Mr. Doodle project with the Mira Place HK, Abigail's 2 year-old son - Ben, encountered Mr. Doodle!!! Special thanks to 1000 FUN HK

Hong Kong Face Paint Urban Decay
Hong Kong face painter

 Urban Decay Halloween Contest - Hong Kong Winner

After the NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards HK and Hohkeyal, Abigail decided to take up another challenge - The Urban Decay Cosmetics Halloween Contest 2017 and was awarded as the Hong Kong winner. She loves colours and there is no better way to incorporate rainbow hues in a skull makeup. And of course it comes with her signature worn out orange wig!

Hong Kong face paint

Urban Decay Hallowen Contest 2017 - Hong Kong winner 

Scroll down for more.

Urban Decay Hallowen Contest 2017 - Hong Kong winner Rainbow Skull

hong kong body paint

Abigail's award winning piece

Hong Kong Face and Body Art Festival/
Competition by Hohkeyal

The first ever face and body painting competition organized by Hohkeyal along with other amazing local artists and was among the three first prize winners. The experience has very much inspired her as an artist and since then she  decided to explore more on creative face and body painting.

For details about Hohkeyal and how they support local artists please visit Hohkeyal's page.

Hohkeyal's Hong Kong Face and body Art Festival

Video clip of Hohkeyal's Hong Kong Face and Body Art Festival. Please visit Hohkeyal more videos, photos and live videos.

Abigail's entry for the top 6  of Face Awards HK 2017

Abigail's entry for the top 15 challenge of the Face Awards HK 2017

NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards Hong Kong 2017 , 2018

Abigail participated in the NYX Professional Makeup Face Awards HK 2017 and 2018 in which she was awarded Top 6 and Best Technique prizes. From makeup to cinematography, video and sound editing, as well as all props done by herself. She loves challenges and believes that she learns something new in each challenge that she was given.

Abigail's entry for the top 6  of Face Awards HK 2017

All done with her partner in crime by her side!

Abigail's entry for the submission of Face Awards HK 2017

Face Awards Hong Kong 2017, 2018

Bags full of goodies from NYX Professional Makeup HK for the first challenge of Face Awards HK 2017  The unboxing video was filmed with her baby boy and partner in crime, Ben, when two huge bags full of makeup were delivered to her door. Who would not be excited?! 

For all Abigail's videos please visit her Youtube channel and click
here for NYX Professional Makeup HK's offocial channel.

Best Technique and more surprises from the Face Awards HK 2017

Abigail's unboxing video - Face Awards HK 2017 Top 15

Abigail - Founder, Instructor and Face Painter

Abigail is a proud single mum to a 4 year-old boy, she worked as an art teacher to little children and as a children's party entertainer before she became a face painter. She is also a pen and ink artist who has participated in a few local exhibitions and private projects. Click here to view her portfolio. With increasing demand she now works with a team of professional painters who paint quality designs with efficiency for major events and parties. With the passion to share her secrets and tips on becoming a memorable face painter, she runs private lessons for beginners to professional artists.

With over 6 years painting faces at parties and events such as Clockenflap, the AIA European Carnival, Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, the Big Picnic, Hong Kong Jockey Club fairs and school events, she is determined to take the fun of face painting to the next level by dressing up and bringing great energy to the site. She also paints for commercial photoshoots, private projects, corporate events for luxury hotels and clubs in Hong Kong, as well as performance organizations such as the Welsh National Opera and the Hong Kong Circus. 

Equatorial guinea Bodypainting Festival Featuring the World's Top Body Painting Artists

With great honor Abigail was invited to participate the first ever Equatorial Guinea Bodypainting Festival in January 2019 along with some of the world's top face and body painting artists including Nick Wolfe, Matteo Arfanotti, Miguel Angel, Alex Hansen and many more! Aiming to inspire others with their talents via interactive experience with the local community. With huge excitement Abigail is very is going to take part in the second year of the of the festival adding her face painting workshop. Follow the event's Facebook page for the latest news. 

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