Where to Buy Face Paints in Hong Kong

So you have been having the idea of painting your kid's face or your own face for special occasions for a while now, here are some fantastic locations for you to buy water-based face paints in Hong Kong: Before we start on the list, I have to emphasized that only FDA approved face paints can be used on skin safely. Although there are many type of face paints out there, water-based face paints are what we use on children's faces, which are more gentle to skin and can be remove

Tips on Finding the Perfect Face Painter for Your Events

Follow these steps and tips to find a suitable face painter for your events in Hong Kong: 1. Layout purpose and details of your event - Is it a kids party or adult event? - Is there any theme? - How many faces are you expecting to be painted? - Location and timing of the event. - Are you looking for a native English speaking face painter, Cantonese speaker or someone who can do both?  - Are you looking for someone who is entertaining as well? 2. Search on Google - Read abou

Good , Bad and the Glory - How My Face Painting Journey Began

Just a brief introduction It has been five years since I started face painting. I guess it's never too late to start blogging about your passions, so expect to find a lot on face painting and art here, but also some parenting and housework tips too. Having been raised in the heart of Hong Kong during the 80s, I had not got my face painted as a child, nor met any face painter at parties, so never thought I would eventually make a living as a professional face painter. Believe